“RJ opened her door to my financial failures and allowed me to feel at ease with her amazing support. Everything she did and said were honest and with a the singular goal of optimism. Like a great basketball coach, RJ coached me to a rebound. D.S. (2019)

“Allan D. NewDelman, P.C.  consistently provides affordable, competent, and high quality Bankruptcy services for both personal and corporate clientele.”  – P.W.

“We have greatly appreciated the level of service and expertise delivered to us by your firm. We had a very complex bankruptcy case and like most had tried to handle it ourselves first. Your firm was able to sort through the process and supply us with a comprehensive plan. During this process we were never made to feel bad about our situation but were constantly given real solutions with a high level customer service.” – J.M. and S.M.

My husband and I came to Mr. NewDelman’s office after meeting and hiring two other high profile and very expensive bankruptcy attorneys to negotiate a settlement with Bank of America on our behalf.  At first, we were surprised at the lack of expensive artwork and swanky office décor.  I was thinking;  “This guy is not going to be able to handle our complicated case.”  We owned a 25 year old business that was going along just fine until the bank called our line of credit and building loan due when we had never missed or even been late on our payments. We explained our situation to Mr. NewDelman.  We found him to be caring, considerate and experienced in negotiating with the banks.  It’s all he does – all day long.  He assessed our strengths and the banks weaknesses and gave us his plan of action. We are pleased to say that his plan resulted in a favorable outcome for us.  He proved to be wise, effective and well respected by his peers.

I would highly recommend Allan NewDelman.  Jan. 2014, M.A.C.


We are compelled to write this testimonial of care that Allan and RJ provided to us. We emphasize the term CARE, because that truly was their intent. By the time we first met Allan and RJ, we were desperate and on the verge of losing everything we had worked for in our 24 years together.

We are homebuilders and because of the housing crash of 2007, we were doing everything we knew how to hold onto our home. We hired 2 previous attorneys with no avail from our potential demise. The first attorney was paid $10,000.00 up front for a loan modification that never happened. The second was hired to help us with a Chapter 11 that put us within days of losing everything, again paying their fee up front. Looking back we really can’t remember how we stumbled onto Allan and RJ, but they truly were the answer to our prayers. It was obvious up front that they understood what we had been through over the past 7 years. More importantly they knew how to move forward. We truly were within days of the Court forcing us into a Chapter 7. Acting quickly, they compelled the Court to give us time to provide information that they had been long asking for. After that, designing a plan that not only made sense to the Court and creditors, but made sense to us as well. We’re not saying we got everything we wanted, but because of our particular circumstances it was far more than we expected.

Allan and RJ provided us a light, a light of hope, a chance. God Bless them! So if you find yourself in times of trouble and have found this testimonial, believe it.

Feb. 2015. BM and VM.


To Allan NewDelman Group

Allan NewDelman and his group, especially Carol Prieur, have been outstanding in helping my family and my business out of a difficult transition in our lives. They are undoubtedly the best in their field! May God continue to guide their steps and illuminate their lives.

NS and MS
August, 2015